To succeed,Failure is needed!

-On the phone with my dad-

DadWhat did you just say?

MeYes dad,i’m planning to fail intentionally!

Now you might think why would someone in his right mind even thinks about doing something like that? Right? I’m sorry to tell you i didn’t actually do it-at least for now 😛 . But it sure does sound tempting.

I came across a very articulating article in a newspaper a few days ago. It was short and precise and so brilliantly conveys it’s message so much that it’s been in my mind ever since even prompting me to write this blog  about it(of course here with a little bit of my own flair 🙂 ) Before jumping into the main point i would like you to think of an instance where the lights suddenly went out at night. what will you do? Yes fumbling your hands for the matches. Had you thought to keep the matches somewhere you can easily reach in case the light do went out you won’t have to fumble your clean hands all over the corners and probable not regret stumbling over your mother’s precious flower vase do you? so what do we learn here? we learned that we should always plan for our failure so that when it does actually happens we don’t remain stuck one place. If that’s the case then have we ever consider to put failure in our “fool-proof success plan”? Yes! intentionally failing? if i ever ask this question to my family their respond is certain to be “Arthur! are you feeling well son? 🙂 LOL. We are so focused with the only Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that we forget that equally important is theCritical Failure Factors (CFFs). They are like the sides of the same coin,you can’t have one without having the other. So now that we established the importance of failure in order to succeed. Lets put it into action! I mean in our plan. 🙂

First what are the necessary ingredients of Failure-

  1. Resource- How much of my resource do i need to cut down to fail? 10%? 30%? 60%?  What are the alternative?
  2. Time- No more datelines now. How long can i actually delay a work?
  3. Cost- Wooohooo! I’m off to a shopping spree. Got to buy my girlfriend all the things she wanted till she drop to her knees. 😛
  4. Speed- Yep! The Snail is my superhero now. No pressure here.What do i need to do more to fail?

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One cold winter Night


I remember it was a night like every night though it was colder than usual. Doing the usual routine i had been doing since i stayed away from my family for my studies, going to class with my headphone on my head and listening to “THE NEIGHBORHOOD – SWEATER WEATHER”, playing it as hard as i can so i could keep all the sounds and noises on the way at bay,meet with the few friends i got to share an opinion and a couple of laughter, and then comes back home just the way i started. when the cold night sets in i found myself all alone doing nothing, sipping a cup of tea and sitting in front of my computer. But even then i was left with nothing interesting to do. After all that i just sit quietly ,staring on my computer screen with a blank on my face. Called it human nature or whatever but all the thoughts and memories of my past keeps flooding in my mind – Oh! what i wouldn’t give to go back just once!. And i began to think maybe it was written somewhere predestining me for this moment. Before i know it it was already early dawn and the Human nature in me reminds me that i had to sleep and rest to prepare myself for tomorrow. Before i went to lie on my tempting bed I can’t help but to satisfy myself by whispering to myself – “IT WAS MEANT TO BE”